What to Eat Delayed At Evening, Which Will Not Impact To Your Weight

Instead of eating some harmful treats, harmful food or candy, it would be wiser to follow these few tips before you stress your abdomen.

The best choice for a food before going to bed is oats with dairy. Yes, it does not sound delightful and attractive, but it will absorb you. Beside there are enough carbohydrate food that launch this, which will help you to rest the mind and permeate rest.

Eat a little low-fat dairy products. The mineral magnesium of the dairy products will relaxed the mind and will enhance your rest quality. With a few biscuits or toasted bread, you’re ready for a relaxing rest.

Similar action has the nut products, which is full of mineral magnesium, so before going to bed have some peanuts, nut products or nut products. Of course, do not over dose the amount.

Besides food, there are beverages that have the same effect, as the juice from the cherries. 2 glasses a day, one in the morning hours and one at night, would increase the level of melatonin which enhances the rest.

Finally, most well-known formula in the world – a cup of dairy. Milk contains tryptophan, an protein that increases your rest.