Use HONEY for Experience and Body Care

Honey is one of the most suitable items for moisture, and also is excellent in combat against other epidermis faults.

Means of hydration
Mix equal quantity of honey and olive oil to make a dense lotion. Massage it on dry epidermis and after stand 10 to 20 moments, washed epidermis will be soft.

Lip balm
One tsp. honey mix with six grms of natural wax, 10 falls on lemon, 2 falls oil with vitamin E and 50 grms of grape oil. When the mix is ready you may use on your mouth.

Wax depilation
Mix two tsp of brownish sugar, a tsp. of honey and a tsp. of h2o in a container that can be put in the microwave and heat the combination until get brownish (approximately 30 seconds). Allow the combination to get cold and diminish it with h2o if too dense. Use it on the epidermis with a small spoon, and place the cloth tape, press in the route of growth of hir, then quickly pull the strip in the other.

Hair excellent care products
Add a tsp. of honey in hair shampoo to heal damaged strands. Or mix it with olive oil and implement it on the locks, and after 15 moments wash the locks with hair shampoo.

Mix two tsp of copper and 250 ml of hot h2o and hang on 10 moments for the combination to dissolve. Add 2-3 falls of rose oil and put it in the hot h2o.

Means for acne
Take a little honey and implement it on the pimples, and then put a plaster and hang on 30 moments. Sweetie is wonderful for burns and scrapes.

Facial massage
Mix two tbsps of milk with two tbsps of honey. Apply the mix to the head and hang on 10 moments before washing.

Cure for Warts
Apply honey on the troubled part twice a day, and the next day you will see results.