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Save Your Respiratory system For 3 Day

No matter if you are smoking or not, everyone can have any problems with the lungs. And if you smoking, a whole lot more intense, your lungs for sure are not in the smartest condition.

This formula will help you to fresh your lungs for only 72 hours.

Before starting this treatment, it is necessary to eliminate milk products. Then follow these steps:

 The first day before going to bed consume a cup of herbal tea. It will help your digestive system to get rid of bowel problems, and it will create it simpler for the lungs to carry out their work.
Before morning meal, press two lemon in hot water and consume the soda and pop.
Drink 300 ml packed grape fruits. If you do not want this exotic fruits change it with ananas- these fruits and veggies contain natural anti-oxidants that help your respiration system.
 When between morning meal and lunchtime consume 300 ml fresh packed carrot fruits juice. This fruits juice will fresh and renew the blood.
 For lunchtime break you must get into 400 ml fruits juice into your body, containing blood potassium, which will function as a pick-me-up for cleaning. Before bed time consume 400 ml of cranberry extract fruits juice that will battle with the viruses in your lungs, resulting in attacks.
  Throughout these 3 times, you must exercise. Besides exercising enjoy every day in a hot shower for 20 minutes. This will additionally get rid of poisons.

In addition, create daily respiration with eucalyptus oil.