If You Experience Discomfort In The Center Try This 800 Decades Old Medicament

The treatment for heart who was developed by Hildegard von Bingen, who lived 81 years, 800 in the past, has been turned out to be be very effective for all types of inadequacies and illnesses related to the center. It is used when you experience any heart pains like stabbing, playful, after stress etc. It is also revealed good for angina pectoris.

Necessary Ingredients:

10 clean parsley arises (without root)
1 litre of home made red or white wine
2 tbsps bottles vinegar
300 g organic honey


Put the clean parsley arises together with the simply leaves in a litre organic bottles and add 1-2 tbsps clean bottles white vinegar.
Cook it for 10 mins on low temperature. Then add 300 grms bee sweetie and prepare it for another 4 moments. Stress the hot bottles and while is still warm put it in the bottle which should be cleaned with strong alcohol.
The debris which is created  is not broken and easily for drinking. You can steam the sweetie or not. It’s your decision.
Close it well.

Use the drink with one tbsp every day until the difficulties are gone. For serious illnesses it is need to be used a many years.